[WEBINAR] Safety for Photojournalists Attending Protests

Safety for Photojournalists Attending Protests: A Panel Discussion with Akili Ramsess, Harlo Holmes and Frank Smyth
Freedom of the press is a foundational value of the United States’ democracy, enshrined in the First Amendment along with the right to assemble peaceably. In recent days we have seen journalists wrongfully arrested, shot with rubber bullets and pepper spray, and clubbed by authorities. Enough is enough.

This Friday, we’re sitting down with Akili RamsessHarlo Holmes and Frank Smyth to discuss strategies journalists can use to stay safe while covering protests. PhotoShelter co-founder Allen Murabayashi will be moderating.
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What we’ll cover:
Safety tips for photojournalists and fellow members of the pressDigital safety measures everyone should takeHow to protect fellow protesters from being identified and potentially prosecutedSafety tips specific to young, women, non-binary and photographers of color currently covering protests
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About our panelists

Akili Ramsess is a photographer, editor, multimedia producer and Executive Director of the National Press Photographers Association.

Harlo Holmes is a media scholar, software programmer, activist and Director of Newsroom Digital Security at Freedom of the Press Foundation.

Frank Smyth is founder and executive director of Global Journalist Security, the leading U.S.-based hostile environments training and consulting provider.